The Night Sky

Brutal. All I can say.

The night sky is an ex-cutter
Similar to me
But like bread without it’s butter
Without cutting I just wouldn’t be

The proof comes from the stars
Way up in the sky
They’re like the nighttime’s scars
I know the night has tried

I have tried to kill myself
I have tried to bleed
I keep my razor on the shelf
Just in case I need

Surrounded by a smile
But frightened by the sound
Aimlessly wandering miles
Lost, and not yet found

So, am I really just like you?
Am I not so strange?
Are you also going through
Something we both know we can’t change?

Does the night make cutting seem alright?
Is it normal now?
Am I really like the night
At the final curtain bow?

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One comment on “The Night Sky

  1. Bridget on said:

    I met you at the walk. This is a very powerful poem…stay strong.

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