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A couple of weeks ago Ron Coleman and Paul Baker came to the States from the UK. Ron has been hearing voices for quite a while, and gave a wonderful speech about his past and hearing voices. He asked voice-hearers in the audience if anyone had noticed that their voices started as friends then turned against them, and I raised my hand. Noticing me, he grilled me for a couple of minutes about my voices in front of the whole crowd. It sure was stressful, but I survived.
Ron told a story about being lonely when his meds made his voices go away. Thinking that he would enjoy it, I gave him a copy of my book, with this poem, Lonely, dog-eared. He quickly read it, and left me with the sentiment, “I relate to every word in this poem”. I’d like to share it with you all now.

I’ll be lonely when they change
They’ll take my friends away
My true friends who are always there
Here, there, or anywhere
They help me get to sleep
Keep me company when I wake
Truer friends than these
You just cannot make.
I don’t need a phone
When they come to call
Don’t need a doorbell
Nothing at all
Truer friends than these
You just cannot make
No tokens of your friendship
No brownies to bake
What differs these from “real” friends
Is that they’re always there
On a train, on a bus,
Nearly anywhere
Truer friends than these
You just can’t make
When it comes to keeping company
Everyone else is in their wake.
And although they’re often violent
And I know that that is bad
I’d rather them than nothing
Without them I am sad
And although they’re only voices
They’re very real to me
And if I had it MY way
We’d all just let them be.


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Ron Coleman and Paul Baker Hearing Voice Presentation

Ron Coleman (right) and Paul Baker (left) from Intervoice spoke in Eugene, Oregon on November 15, 2010 at a seminar on Working with Voices. Ron tells his personal story with hearing voices and Paul introduces the notion of Hearing Voices Groups.

Here are the five parts. Play them in order. Each part is important. The first one will start at 6 minutes in; if you wish, you may run it back to the beginning for some additional introductions. Total run time is 57 minutes, not including the 6 minutes at the beginning.

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