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My Watch Ticks

I wrote this poem in class in high school. I don’t often question authority. I’m usually pretty compliant. Really, though. Who can say exactly what time is? I don’t think that anyone has that authority. I end lots of my poems with “But I hope the answer is yes.” I really do hope that life is not chaos. Chaos is too… chaotic.

My Watch Ticks

My watch ticks
Counting the time
My watch ticks without fail
A silly trick
This watch just ticking
For who is to say what exactly time is?
My teacher, perhaps?
Is that why classes are so long?
My mother, perhaps?
Is that why curfew is so soon?
My sister?
Is that why I get such little time with the remote?
The television people themselves?
My watch?
The alarm clock?
The timer?

My foot beats to the music
As I blast my favorite song
The beat is the heart of the music
It’s why awful songs are so long
But maybe instead of being kind, and givers of life
These musicians just suck it out of us
To give the music life
Greedy stealers?
Taking our time away?
Do they run time?

Do they steal my rhyme?
Making life but killing art
Who says anything has to rhyme?
Who says anything about anything?
Who has the right to say anything?
What is the definition of authority?
Who has the authority to write a definition?
Who has the authority to write anything?
What a world it would be
If my poems… weren’t?
Music is poetry
What if music… wasn’t?
Or time had no rules?

Do we have chaos?
Do we not?

I don’t know
But I hope the answer is yes


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