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I don’t like water much. Well, showers I like, but swimming is just too… wet. This poem isn’t really about being underwater. It’s about needing a friend. Cause everyone needs a friend.


I am underwater.
Trying to break the surface.
So close to the surface.
But it will not come.
I am underwater.
Needing a breath of air.
My lungs feel as if they are about to explode
If I can’t get to the surface.
The surface that is so close
That I can see it.
I am underwater.
And I know that to live
I have to reach the elusive surface.
But for some reason
It won’t come.
I am underwater.
But I feel an outside force.
Not my legs, kicking at the cold liquid.
Not my arms, scooping at the water.
Not my buoyancy, pulling me up.
But a friend.
I am underwater.
But you pulled me up
To where I can see.
Where I can breathe.
Where I am really alive.


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