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A Funeral for My Sanity

I wrote this poem during a medication change. Even though I’m not always feeling like this, it pretty much defines me. I never have really had a funeral for my sanity. I probably should. I really miss those days when I felt completely sane.

A Funeral for My Sanity

A funeral for my sanity
Will you please comfort me?

Painful tears stream down my face
Will you help me leave this place?

Why do I feel so alone,
Like a dog without her bone?

While I feel the days go by
Why do I so want to die?

Dripping blood is in my mind
Help me to make my stress unwind.

Why can I not find a friend?
When will I finally meet my end?

I really don’t want to die
As I watch these days go by.

A song repeats inside my head
I so do want to go to bed.

I hear voices others can’t
My roots are weak, unlike a plant.

A funeral for my sanity
Please, oh please, comfort me.


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