Soup Cans

I was going through some old notebooks and found this. Kinda inspiring. No idea when I wrote it.

Soup cans:
You can tell
From the outside.
Labels don’t lie.
“Chicken Soup”
Always means
The same thing.
You can pick
And you can choose
Just based on the label.
Just based on the appearance.

You can’t tell
Without talking.
Without knowing them.
Appearances can lie.
Experiences can lie.
Wearing black
Doesn’t mean
I will act a certain way.
You have to taste
Every person
To know
If you like them or not.
You can’t just guess
By what they look like
Or how they dress.

Can be
Sweet, sour
Best, worst
Old, new
Lost, found,
False, true
You and your friends
Could be mirrors
Or could be opposites.

Soup cans:
Labels don’t lie.


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One comment on “Soup Cans

  1. Labels: A Reply to “Soup Cans” by Patricia Larsted

    Drinking salinity petrifies the blood
    A knot is tied,
    Between the mind and the veins
    When the plastic is read
    Words echo
    We remember
    Our cylindrical metal bodies
    Tossed onto shelves,
    Holding the power of the Name
    The Name of our components
    Once piece after another,
    A light shone onto our skin,
    “I see straight through you”
    They say
    Nutrition facts
    Are the stereotypes
    The black eyeliner
    And neon jeans that tell them
    Who we are
    In a couple short words
    Our labels lie
    Just as 3 grams
    Really means 3.4
    (No one would ever know)
    My skirt doesn’t mean
    I’m a girl
    It means I’ve survived
    Long enough
    To see past the labels

    Note: I like your poem. A lot.

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