Get Out of My Head

Will you please just get out of my head
So I can finally go off to bed?
I’m trying to go on, but it’s just as well
That I admit that I’m going through hell.
My head is spinning, on and on
In this game of chess I am only a pawn.
Slits on my wrists, blood on my leg
Treading so careful, like on an egg.
So I try to go on, I try not to cry
I sit and I watch as these days go on by.
Sure I’ve got family, sure I’ve got friends
But are they the ones who will stay till the end?
Do they understand voices, the ones that I hear?
The ones in my head, but come in through my ear?
Spinning and spinning, going around
I think I was lost, I think I am found.
So, I hear voices, I think you get that
They tell me of blood, of a black, lonely rat
They tell me to cut, they tell me to cry
They tell me it’s the last time I’ll see the sky
They tell me I’m worthless, they tell me I’m bad
All that they tell me makes me so sad
The one thing I have against them is hope
I have hope I can climb this slippery slope
So, the days go on, I’m not in so much Hell
I used to be shy, but have come out of my shell.

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