Art of Leadership

So, I am several weeks into a program offered by my school called the Art of Leadership. It is the second half of the HELP program, which is short for Helping Emerging Leaders Progress. Every time I walk out of this program, I am stunned with hope for the future. I realize that if there are fifteen people on my campus who will make a change in this world as we grow up and get into the workplace, these are them. Then I realize, I am one of them. I can make a difference. And I think I will.

I’d like to leave you with my new mantra I made up on the first day of this program:

From the beginning I’ve been shy
But I know that someday I’ll learn to fly
As days go on and events unfold
I know I’ll someday

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One comment on “Art of Leadership

  1. Joanne on said:

    Very powerful! …… and I’m sure will continue to make a difference it the world!
    It’s a joy to watch as things change all around us…. and especially when you can see the change and the impact on others. Congrats and keep growing!!

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